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5 Sure Ways To Improve Your English Speaking Skills

So you struggle with speaking in English and you want to know how you can improve your English speaking skills? Am I right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

One of the most common problems my students face is that they can understand when someone speaks in English but they struggle when they need to speak. Does that sound like you?

The main reason for this is that you don’t have enough speaking practice. So the solution is simple. If you want to improve your English speaking skills, you need to practice speaking in English more often.

Many teachers will tell you to expand your vocabulary in order to solve this problem. That is in fact important but it becomes useless if you don’t actually use the vocabulary.

Today I will share some ways you can practice speaking in English more often and improve your English speaking skills.

how to improve your  English speaking skills

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Read books aloud

Reading in English is a great way to expand your vocabulary and improve your English speaking skills. You can take it one step further and read books aloud in English.

This allows you to hear your pronunciation and even forces you to pronounce those difficult words you would normally skip over when reading silently.

It also allows you to get comfortable with the sound of your English voice which can help to boost your overall confidence when speaking in English. Especially if you tend to be shy about how you sound when speaking in English.

Get a speaking partner

an English speaking partner will help you improve your English speaking skills

Social media is a really convenient place to find English speaking conversation partners if you want to improve your English speaking skills. There are many people online that are searching for conversation partners to practice their English skills with.

You can join Facebook groups and many other membership sites that allow you to match up with fellow learners. You can also make great friends this way too.

Having a speaking partner also holds you accountable since you know you have to meet with someone to practice at regular intervals. You don’t have to meet up with your conversation partner in person either. It is totally possible, with the technology we have available to us today, for you to meet online.

You can use tools such as zoom, WeChat, skype, google hangouts, or even Facebook chat. You can choose if you want the chat to be a video call or simply an audio call. It’s all up to you

A few places to find a conversation partner


WhatsApp groups

Discord servers

Reddit group

Polyglot club

Record an audio journal

audio journal help to improve your English speaking skills

A good way to improve your English speaking skills is to keep an audio journal. This is something I always encourage my students to do. An audio journal is an amazing tool you can use at home to get English speaking practice for free!

Many of my students don’t have a speaking partner they can practice with daily. Many of them don’t have to time to search for a speaking partner on social media. This is where the audio journal comes in.

An audio journal works the same way a written one does. The only difference is that you actually speak what’s on your mind. For this exercise to work though, you will have to be speaking in English of course.

Here’s a really cool app you can use. You can also just use the voice recorder feature on your phone as well.

Record a video journal

vlogging helps to improve your English speaking skills

Another great way to improve your English speaking skills is to keep a video journal. A video journal works in the same way an audio journal does. The difference is that you have your camera on.

So instead of only recording audio, you are also recording your video. Think about it like a vlog you would see on youtube.

Your video journal doesn’t have to be about anything specific and you don’t have to share it with anyone either. It’s a convenient tool for you to be able to watch your own body language, while listening to the way you speak.

It helps you to see what others see and hear when you speak so you can make adjustments. You will be surprised how much you will have improved after only a few short months of recording daily. The key is consistency.

You can use this cool app, or this one to get started. You can also simply use the camera feature on your phone.

Attend regular speaking classes with a teacher/coach

speaking with a teacher helps to improve your English speaking skills

The absolute best way to improve your English and get more speaking practice is to hire a teacher/tutor or a language coach. Naturally, this can be a little costly and may be out of reach for some learners. That’s why I saved this tip for last.

But one of the best ways to improve your English speaking skills is to hire a coach or a tutor. There are so many benefits to hiring a language coach. You get real-time feedback. You get personalized instructions and corrections. You get personalized tools to help improve your specific weaknesses.

I could go on and on but you get the idea. There are many great English tutors online too. You can hire a native English speaker if you want or you can hire a highly qualified non-native English speaker.

As for which is better, that solely depends on the specific teachers because I’ve met really amazing native English speaking teachers and I’ve also met amazing non-native English teachers as well.

Just be sure to do your research so you can find a teacher or coach that suits your learning style and one that will be able to help you to achieve your language goals.

Some places you can find online English teachers to help you improve your English





Final words

I hope you found these tips useful. Be sure to check out the other content on the blog.

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